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The start of a micro-business in 1994, the steps taken and processes of developing a company of two staff strong, to micro-enterprise proportions. All that is needed to know about where Branron Projects started and the steps being taken each day to reach new heights.

Our Vision.

The vision of Branron Projects is simple; DEVELOPMENT.

At Branron Projects there are constant yet calculated changes to ensure each member of staff has the opputtunity​ to reach their full potential. The constant development of new technologies in th field has allowed for more efficient use of work-time by staff members.

This vision is aligned with the aim of Branron Projects which is to provide quality services to clients, with the use of well trained staff and the latest equipment, allowing Branron Projects to be competitive in the market based on the level of efficiecy and the extra "over-the-top" input to ensure each job is treated with the utmost level of importance.

Company Profile.

Branron Projects was started in 1994, with a work force of two and a single job at hand, the company was quickly being recognised for the neatness and pride taken by staff alike to complete each job to the best of their ability, these are values each employee of Branron Projects strives towards today. Through careful planning and selected growth stratergies, Branron Projects was catapaulted through the growth stages, reaching a staff count of 45 within a few years of existance.

The addition of the respective divisions plant hire (2005) and lifting equipment (2009) has resulted in increases in the overall company value. Machiney including; TLB's, frontend loader, grader, horse-and-trailer trucks, forklifts, manitou, crane, etc. Have allowed for greater expansion of Branron Projects within the constuction industry.


Retailing of lifting equipment has shown immense growth in a short time, as a result of competitive pricing and top quality SABS approved liting equipment, Branron Projects lifting equipment division is a number one choice for all your lifting equipment needs.


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