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Our Aim.


To provide quality service in the construction industry, to organisations who share a common vision of business. After more than two-decades experience, Branron Projects has not only the skills and knowledge, but also the capacity to handle turn-key projects of large proportions.

Our Solution.


The ability to exercise in-house steel manufacturing,​ on-board plant/machinery and a retail outlet for lifting equipment, allows for Branron to offer an advantage over any possible competitor, as to ensure that the customer has only to deal with a single company who can manage everything from the leveling of land to steal erection, all can be done through a single, trustworthy source which is, Branron Projects.

Our Services.


The services offered by Branron Projects are as follows:

* In-house steel manufacturing 

* Steel erection, conveyer installations, blower/drier installations, etc.

* Retailers of first-class Lifting equipment directly to the public.

* Hiring of plant and machinery.



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